5 Essential CrossFit Equipment

The CrossFit trend has really taken off but it is probably more likely that the trend is actually working and its not just another workout craze. Indeed, more and more people are getting results from CrossFit and that is due to the exercise systems use of efficient strength training and conditioning combined with intelligent Platinum Rig equipment design.

Of course, joining a CrossFit gym is not for everyone. Maybe you are just doing have the confidence—yet–to join a gym. Maybe you feel like you can’t afford it. Maybe you actually really like working out at home.


Well, if you are that last type you might be pleased to learn that you could mimic some of the workouts you can get at a CrossFit training session by picking up your own equipment for your home workouts.

And the good news is that you really only need these 5 items to get started:

#1: Olympic Barbell

This is CrossFit 101. The Olympic barbell is a bit of a no-brainer as it really is where CrossFit starts and stops. To be honest, you aren’t getting a true gym experience if you Olympic Barbell training is not included in your regimen. But seriously, the Olympic is important because it allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises and lifts and can adjust with you.

#2: Barbell Bumper Plates

While the barbell alone can provide you with many workout options, you will also need bumper plates of various weights so you can, as mentioned, add more weight as your skill and strength grows. Make sure, however, that you invest in the rubber bumper plates though, and not the iron ones.

#3: Power Rack (w/ Pull-Up Bar)

Honestly, if you only had a pull-up bar you could get started but you really should get a power rack. The power rack gives you more versatility for the types of workouts you can do. Furthermore, it is a foundational item you can build upon as you start to try new workouts and new equipment.

#4: Plyometric/Squat Box

It is more than just a box (but it really is just box). These vary in height and you can use them in a wide variety of ways with weights or other equipment.

#5: The Medicine Ball and/or Slam Ball

One way to increase weight—and increase your core work—is to use, for example, the plyometric box while holding a medicine ball. The medicine helps to complicate several exercises—in a good way—adding yet more variety to your workouts.

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