5 Reasons Why People Get Their Tattoos Removed

Everyone adores the idea of getting a tattoo, but after having a tattoo done, some people find themselves regretting their decision. Luckily, tattoo removal is safe, affordable, and not so painful. There are many different reasons people decide to get their tattoos removed. Compiled below are the top 5 reasons why people remove their tattoos.

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5. Career Choice

Placement of tattoos that could affect a career is a big reason individuals have their tattoos removed. There are many jobs that have rules on whether or not a tattoo can be showing. A tattoo behind the ear may seem unique when you are young, but later down the road, if you accept a job that states that tattoos are not allowed to be shown then you must constantly be aware of keeping your hair down or cover the tattoo up which can turn into a hassle.

4. Reminder of an Ex

Too often couples jump quickly into getting matching tattoos with one another. After both of you have called it quits, the permanent reminder of him or her may not be something you want in your life anymore. Often times, a tattoo may represent something in the moment such as a relationship but as you grow and become wiser, the tattoo may not accurately represent the individual you are today.

3. Unexpected Crappy Tattoos

A friend equipped with the basic supplies to give a simple tattoo may have been left looking like a mess. Or it may have turned out somewhat okay, but not something you want to showcase to the world for the rest of your life. Nothing it worse than spending a boatload of money on a tattoo only to have it look like a toddler designed it. Sure, the idea of the tattoo might have sounded wonderful beforehand but the execution of it probably left you speechless. Drunk mistakes can also happen to just about anyone. And, usually, these tattoos are not only something that no one wants but may be in a place that no one wants.

2. Becoming A Parent and Family Disapproval

A lot of people get their tattoos remove when their children are young because the images might not be something that they want their children to be embarrassed by, fear, or even believe in. As a parent, their views on their ink may change because it was something that represented their 20’s and may not hold true about their adult life. Whether it is immediate family or your significant other, a tattoo that causes tension among family members is best to have removed.

1. Dying Trends

It is easy to decide on getting a tattoo of that is trending because it seems as though everyone finds it cool. However, it is best to get a tattoo for yourself and not based on a trend that you might not like in five years. Typically, these tattoos can either be on an area of the body that is considered unique such as the finger or a design that is cliche such as an infinity sign or a butterfly.

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