Best Places for Wines in Singapore

How to identify the Best Wine Spots in Singapore

Singapore has become a melting pot for both culture and cuisine. Due to its location between Malaysia and Indonesia, this island has received influences from many cultures throughout the world. To this day remnants of colonialist architecture, Chinese flavors, Indian spices, and Indonesian cultural influences are on display to residents and tourists alike. It’s no wonder that Singapore has developed a great reputation for being an ideal place when it comes to all things cooking as well as having the best wine tasting events. The island takes advantage of its ethnic diversity and infuses it with the most modern cooking techniques to produce irresistible dishes that tempt taste buds from all around the world.

Yet if one wishes to sample some of the finest cuisine Singapore has to offer, they might consider trying the Otto or Au Petit Salut restaurants. The former is the epitome of fine Italian dining and boasts signature dishes such as aged balsamic vinegar, crispy suckling pig lacquered with black locust tree honey and spaghetti with sea urchin and gray mullet bottarga. This restaurant nestles itself at a corner of the Red Dot Traffic building in the center of town and aims to provide a contemporary dining experience. The latter places emphasis on enjoying a “wholesome dining experience” and caters to a younger yet still chic crowd. This affordable eatery enjoys an informal atmosphere whilst still offering top-notch food, wines, and service.

The diversity of Singapore’s cuisine is simply too vast to experience in one sitting and requires patience in order to appreciate the exotic flavors of every dish one tastes. One can browse through many a luxurious Singapore hotel and discover an appropriate abode. There is quite a number of luxury hotels Singapore is home to, yet few of them are as brilliant as Raffles Hotel Singapore. This beautiful hotel is world famous for its creation; the Singapore Sling, and is only a cool 30 minutes’ drive from Chinatown complex, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to experience Singapore at its best.


Well, your taste buds might be different from that of your partner. If you are planning to visit a wine bar or a wine tasting event with a few friends, each one of you might prefer a different variant. Hence, it is always better to choose a place that offers a wide variety of wine brands. Several chill-out bars in Singapore offer you with a wide menu of options when it comes to wines. You can choose from the red or white wine depending on your preference and also consider various other factors related to wines. The ones that are old will cost you more but will be the best. When you go through the menu, you might see the age written next to the name of the wine. Prominent brands will cost you more money. However, the renowned brands can be bought without hesitance for the taste would be excellent.

Interiors can add elegance to a glass of wine. This is particularly important when you are on a date. The music playing and the lights at the table can make the evening more splendid when you sip a glass of wine. When you look into the eyes of your partner and lift your glass, you will be able to eloquently speak out the most magical words in the best manner. Both of you will be able to remember the moment for the rest of your lives if your choice of the place is excellent. Hence, make a choice only after making sure that the wine bar has an excellent ambiance.

You need to understand that the most expensive wine bars in Singapore might not necessarily be the ones providing you the best wine. The wine bars that are located at premium locations might charge you more money because of the location. Some of the bars are part of high-class hotels and might charge you hefty amounts for no special reason. The quality of service might be great but you might be able to enjoy better wine and ambiance at much better places elsewhere. You can select a place that is small but elegant to enjoy your wine to the fullest. The place might be away from the heart which shouldn’t really matter if you want to enjoy the experience to the max. Compare the prices of wines and the hospitality features offered at various bars before choosing one.


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