Boot Camps

If you are just getting into fitness or looking to add something new to your workout, you might consider joining a boot camp. Fitness boot camps are all over social media and I’m sure you have one or two friends that can’t stop raving about their classes. If you want to see if boot camps can work for you too, read on.

Boot Camp Benefits

Boot camps are taking over the world by storm, and for many people around the world, these are the reasons why:


  1. Boot camps workout your entire body. These camps are intense and full of energy. Attending just one can put your through more of a workout than you could ever get through on your own.
  2. Boot camps are more cost efficient than spending money on personal trainers. Working out as part of a boot camp can actually be a lot cheaper than paying for a one-on-one session with an expensive personal trainer. With a boot camp, you get the intensity of an individual session with the split cost of a class.
  3. Boot camps allow you to get better at understanding and performing fitness related activities. Taking a boot camp or a fitness class will help you understand the inner workings of fitness, as well as your body. Most trainers share valuable information in order to inspire students to train outside of class.

Negative Aspects of Boot Camps

Boot Camps aren’t for everyone. Here is a quick rundown detailing why boot camps my not be right for you:

  1. Oversimplified boot camps can be ineffective for some participants. Boot camps are structured to work for anyone and everyone that may sign up. While certain trainers may offer varying levels of boot camps from beginner to advanced, you may still find yourself feeling left out.
  2. Large boot camps can limit instruction for students. Very popular boot camps will have more attendees than an average camp. This can make learning from your instructor very difficult and can even prevent you from actually making any growth in your exercise routine.
  3. Boot camps are not always held at convenient times. Depending on your daily schedule, boot camps may just not work for you. Boot camps are usually offered very early or later at night during the work week. This scheduling may work for some, but not everyone.

Choosing the Right Boot Camp

If you do decide that boot camps work for you, then go ahead and check it out for yourself. You may do best asking around to see who the best trainers are in your area and which gyms have the better boot camps. Additionally, try your favorite gym to see if they offer any boot camps during the year.

When selecting your new camp, keep in mind that a good boot camp will last longer than a month, have some level of consistency and will be small enough in size where everyone’s needs can be met. The atmosphere at a boot camp that is right for you will be welcoming, encouraging and challenging. The answer to your dream body may be one boot camp away.

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