Brain Training Games: What Do They Do?

You can scroll through the vast number of mobile apps available to you on the Playstore or iPhone market and you’ll notice a growing trend in the popularity of brain training games. Brain training apps are scientifically developed with the help of some of the top Psychiatric Journals out there to create a game people can actually benefit from using. Unlike other games that only provide fun game play, a brain training app encourages you to use different parts of your brain so that you’re exercising your mind.

Faster Thinking

With these games, you’ll find that you obtain faster thinking skills that roll into your everyday life. Because these games require very quick thinking in order to beat levels and progress, you’ll utilize these parts of the brain that might not have been stimulated for quite some time.

Improving Vocabulary

Many of the available games encourage users to expand their vocabulary and use words they would never have used before. This gives you an understanding of what certain words mean and how to use them properly in everyday conversation.

Fun Way to Educate Yourself

Even though you’re playing something that is otherwise educational, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. The majority of brain training games are meant to be fun and enjoyable as opposed to strictly about exercising your brain. From bright graphics to fun music, these games are sure to provide you with hours’ worth of enjoyable game play.

Improve Your Memory

In most brain training apps, they’ll have a section specific to improving cognitive memory. You might have to study a picture and answer questions about it without being able to see it again. Many of us do not use this part of our brain often enough, so this type of skill is essential for keeping our minds sharp and focused on what’s going on around us.

Better Listening

Studies have found that when people play a brain training game for several months, they become better listeners. This might have to do with the fact that you’re using parts of the brain that improve your ability to listen or it might be because certain games require you to listen to certain things before being able to answer questions.

Quicker Reflexes and Sharper Vision

Oftentimes, a game will have a timer that forces you to answer questions before it ticks down. This can be great for individuals who are used to being able to take their time with things and are now being encouraged to think faster and have sharper vision to determine the best answers for questions and puzzles.

Finding a great game is easy because there are literally hundreds of apps you can download for free. Certain games cost money to either download or use on a regular basis, but there are tons of free apps you can download if you feel you’d benefit from this as so many other people have. It’s important to note that you will only benefit from these games if you use them on a regular basis. You can’t expect to download a game, play it once and be a changed person. You need to continually use the game, preferably on a daily basis, to reap its benefits. You can either make it a fun way to relax at night before going to bed or make it a habit when you’re overly stressed and need an outlet to take your mind off of other matters. You’ll be amazed at how fun, interactive and advantageous a brain training app can be for you and your whole family.

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