The Cottages Assisted Living

The cottage is cozy and comfortable common areas where the people can enjoy the most beautiful and joyful moments with friend and family. The people feel more comfortable and cozy at the cottage with community members and friends. The Cottage Assisted Living provides the best quality service for senior citizens.  At the Cottage, you’ll find a cozy and comfortable environment; the Southern community provides the different offers for people or your loved one such as physical support and active environment. They provide the ability to the clients to achieve the best-desired quality of life.

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The Cottage Company provides the different facility to the people. They organized the different activities such as games, indoor activity, outing for the residential people. They have various activities like games, yoga, etc.  People can participate in any activity, according to choice and maintain the mind, body and physical refreshment. The environment of the society is Eco-friendly. The team members are planned for all activities according to the calendar. The Cottages offer different things to the customer like three times delicious food, extra activities, cares about health. The team members are very professional that deals with the customer friendly and politely. When you book your cottage and will go to stay, then they give you a calendar card where everything which is happening in the society will be mentioned. The Cottage offers the best personal care through the Care Steps program. They provide the individualized care for people and change their lifestyles.

The Cottage Assisted Living provides the different facility to the residential people such as:

  •  24-hour staff care attention
  • Three times home-style meals daily
  • A Daily based housekeeping activities.
  • Organized extra activities such as games and outing.
  • Provide a better  laundry service
  • Provide better quality life

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