How Crowdfunding is Saving Thousands of Liver Transplant Patients

Over the years, crowdfunding has proven to become a blessing for all kinds of people: social workers at NGOs, community developers, upcoming artists looking for recognition, youth with innovative or business-oriented ideas and so on. The industry initially began functioning in India to pave the way for the average income employee to become a change maker in the social sector. However today, the largest community of crowd funders are the low and middle income patients in the country that are unable to afford the healthcare solutions they need.

Thousands of organ transplant patients turn to the various medical crowdfunding platforms in India every day. Kidney and liver transplants are two of the most commonly funded types of medical campaigns in the country. With a countless number of underprivileged patients unable to afford the procedures they need due to rapidly rising costs of transplantation, dialysis and medication, medical crowdfunding has become the only workable alternative available to save their lives.

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Sunil’s nephew turns to crowdfunding to afford his medical bills

A diseased liver cost Sunil his job months ago. With no stable income to lean onto anymore, Sunil is left helpless, unable to afford the treatment he urgently needs to recover from his condition. His loving nephew, Swapneel chose to take things into his own hands and combed through the internet for solutions that would help the family find help with funds.

When he came across Impact Guru’s platform, he was ecstatic to read about the many patients that had crowdfunded with the website for their healthcare solutions. He created a campaign instantly. Sunil needs Rs 5 lakhs to afford BiPAP therapy, medication and consultation charges. Swapneel wrote his story, fixed a goal amount and now spreads the word easily through social media sharing straight from the fundraiser page.

Medical crowdfunding is key to solving the issue of expensive healthcare in India. A majority of the country’s households live with below average income and basic healthcare is out of the reach for nearly all of them. Crowdfunding seeks to prevent these families from falling prey to dubious loans, giving up homes, long-held assets, forcing children to drop out of school and losing their quality of life. A Crowdfunding platform, instead strive to provide them with a much more economical and risk-free solution and continues to do so.

Join the race today. Begin crowdfunding for a friend or family member in need.

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