Cure the cold and allergies with Otrivin

In winters nasal congestion is an emerging condition among humans. It is a state when a person can’t breathe suitably. There are a number of drugs which can cure this problem but the most relevant drug is otrivin cold & allergy spray. This drug consists of Xylometazoline nasal decongestants. Due to this, it is prescribed by the physicians during the nasal problems. The condition of cold mainly narrows the nasal cavity so the respiration becomes difficult. This is the main problem in nasal congestion by which the patients suffer.


The otrivin cold & allergy spray should be taken from the doctor after the consultation. Children below 2 yrs should not use it.  Sharing of the spray should not be done as it could be allergic sometimes and infection could spread to others.

Tips while using the spray are:

  • Adult should use it after consulting the doctor.
  • If you are pregnant then you should avoid this medication as it could be harmful for inborn.
  • Mainly if you are suffering from any heart disease, diabetes or thyroid, use it after consulting with the doctor.
  • People, who have allergic responses should avoid it and consult to the doctor before using this medication.
  • You should avoid if you are a patient of narrow-angle glaucoma.
  • If you are using it for prolong and results are not appropriate then you should stop using it as it could cause health risk.

Things to consider

The common side effects of Otrivin are burning, itchiness, sneezing & headache when you use it first time. But in some cases it is described that it could also causes unclear vision, faintness, palpitation (irregular, fast heart beats) so these side effect should not be avoided as it could increase the health risk.

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