Dianabol – All You Need To Know About Its Benefits and Side Effects

Dianabol is a very popular anabolic steroid that provides effective growth of muscles to bodybuilders and athletes. This supplement is approved by FDA, and this makes it a completely safe and trusted product.  Let us know more about impact, dosage, cycles and side effects of this wonderful steroid.


Weightlifters, sportsman, bodybuilders and athletes find Dianabol very helpful in gaining muscle mass quickly and safely. It’s long-term and consistent gain makes it popular and widely used steroid all over the world. It is presently the most preferred anabolic steroid consumed by professional athletes. Bodybuilders use this supplement to bridge between cycles and burning excess fat from the body.

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Dianabol is available in the form of an injection or tablet. Its dosage depends on the size of the person, gender, intensity of workout, health goals, etc.  The average dose of Dianabol is more than 70 to 80 mg daily. The impact of this steroid lasts for about five hours. So, one has to take it at least once a day. For best results, it is recommended to take it two times a day. Dianabol is a type of oral steroid that works in cycles of few weeks.

Most individuals whose cycle ranges from four to six weeks consume a dosage of 30 to 50mg per day. For those who are beginning with this steroid should start with 30 to 40 mg to achieve desirable results in the form of muscle mass and strength gain. Dianabol should always be taken along with a complete meal to reduce any possibility of side effects such as stomach disorder etc.

Side Effects

According to the scientific research on Dianabol, it has been found that it is hepatotoxic in nature. When one consumes this supplement in large dosage than recommended, then it could lead to liver disorders. It is thus very important to restrict the dosage and the period of the cycles so that any long term damage is not caused to the liver. An overdose of this drug would cause lots of strain on the liver.

Some other side effects include unprovoked aggression, male pattern baldness, increased blood pressure, oily skin and acne. So people who are suffering from high blood pressure are advised not to consume it.

Thus Dianabol is very useful for people who are looking to enhance their strength and muscle mass in just a short period. If you prefer boosting up your physique, then this supplement is the right choice.

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