Effective Masculinity with Steroid Stacking

One has to work harder and in a consistent way to becoming a bodybuilder or muscle building. It takes years to even bring out a moderate shape. If there is a way to cut short the long years to months to a year? Yes, it’s possible with anabolic steroids. Contrary to belief, a single steroid may not give you the best results in a short period. There is a method called Stacking which means taking 2 or more steroidal components to aid in the fast growth. Stacking method has a potential benefit in controlling the side effects of one of the steroid and at the same time trying to achieve what one wants

Best combinations

In order to achieve a faster growth in muscle building stage, one is recommended to use Anavar. Anavar Proviron stack results can benefit if you do regular workouts. Anavar is an anabolic steroid of the kind Oxandrolone. This is usually used medically for patients with short stature and for treating severe burn patients, patients with osteoporosis and other ailments like Turner Syndrome in girls. Proviron is another androgenic anabolic steroid of the category Mesterolone. Medically this is used to treat people with mental depression, unipolar or bipolar disorders.

The combination works well for bodybuilders effectively supplementing each other where needed and reducing the toxic or side effects better than a single compound. Both compounds are available in tablet form and are very easy to use. Also, tests have been done on the efficacy of the tablets and found that the oral form of administration works best and is less toxic than other steroidal compounds. This could be the primary reason why it’s been attracting body builders


It has to be understood well before any usage of steroid is that taken in moderation and caution, they can work wonders to people. Start abusing them and you will end up with undesirable and unwanted side effects. For children with short stature, Anavar is prescribed in small dosages compared to burn patients. However, body builders use a slightly higher dose. Proviron in male reduces the Estrogenic effects. It also increases the libido in male, this could be a welcome side effect.

Bodybuilders should start off with a low dosage and observe how their body reacts to the drugs. If tolerated well, then maintain the same dosage for the first two weeks and start increasing the dose up to a maximum of 80mg per day but not for more than 6 weeks. Desist from using the steroid if you are less than 25 years of age as at this age, your hormones are well and in abundance. Don’t try to increase them beyond a limit and suffer the unwanted consequences.


If you are new to body building or muscle shaping, do not start off with steroid right away. Have a healthy diet, work out more in the gym. If you must take steroids in your regime, consider them after 3-5 years of work out. Anavar Proviron stack results are good if you supplement your regime with a healthy and dietary eating habits. Also keep your medicinal intake to the limit, once results are achieved, slowly wean away from them as otherwise, it may lead to withdrawal symptoms. Go for a good and reputed online or shop to buy your meds and don’t go for cheap ones.

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