Most effective way of being healthy and fit

All people wish to be healthy and fit as long as they live. For this, they consume variety of health supplements and diets but it looks little joking to be fit just taking healthy diets and supplements. There is far greater thing that plays an important role in being individuals healthy and fit and it is exercise. If you are thinking that can keep yourself healthy and fit just eating fruits, vegetables and dry fruits, drinking milk and protein shake and consuming any supplement, you are wrong. Without practicing perfect exercise, you cannot make yourself healthy and fit. Here are few exercises given below which you can adapt according to your fitness requirement and your body capability.

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Push up: Although push up is old-school, it is the most effective exercise. It works almost every muscle of body but it mainly targets the triceps, chest and core. There are various variations of push-up so, if you are thinking about including it in your routine, it will be a smart idea.

Squats: If you are looking for exercise that works your lower body, the squats can be the best option to be chosen. The squats are a classic lifting exertion that benefits lower portion of your body. This exercise directly works the hamstrings, hips and glutes. If this exercise is practiced with weight it can also strengthen your core and even muscles of upper body.

Lunges:  This exercise is another effective exercise that can be practiced at any place. The exercise targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and the glutes. To get more advantageous results, you can hold dumbbell in hands while practicing the lunge.

Like many other exercises the lunge can also be performed in various ways. Usually, the lunge is completed in a motionless position working a leg at one time. To learn more about the lunge or other exercises you can visit

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