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As the whirlwind of Christmas entertaining looms here’s a question for everyone who intends to provide food and or drink to their guests: Do you need additional refrigeration space?

The answer, if you’re planning on having an excellent festive period is yes, you do need mobile fridge hire so that you aren’t forced to break legislation or turn guests away.

Cold room rental from reputable hire companies like Ice cool Trailers in New bury is vital to the smooth operation of your entertaining end devours.


Where can modular cold rooms be used?

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Community centres
  • Christmas markets
  • Attractions
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Galleries, exhibition spaces
  • Wedding venues
  • Party venues
  • Festive food festivals
  • New Year’s events
  • In a domestic setting

Walk in modular cold rooms are a perfect solution for establishments that serve food or host events and have a lengthy list of clients.

In a domestic setting you may not have taken in to account that if you are hosting twenty people for Christmas Day lunch that your poor fridge will burst if you place the quantity of food and drink that you’ll need in to it.

Even a buffet will mean no space and a hope that an open window will keep food cool; this of course is not an efficient or recommended method.

A modular fridge hire unit placed in a garage or conservatory could be the most effective problem solving expenditure you make this year.

Modular cold rooms can hold a wealth of entertaining food and drink stock in one convenient place with a cost effective price tag.

As an example of modular fridge room capacities Icecool Trailers offer two options:

  • A 1.8 metres cold room rental unit has a capacity of 5 cubic metres.
  • A 3 metres cold room rental unit has a capacity of 8.5 cubic metres.

A modular cold room remains static when it’s on site and it has no wheels to move it.

If you think you’d prefer wheels then why not consider mobile fridge hire which is just as easy to organise and have delivered at your convenience for as long as you require the facilities.

Modular cold rooms from reputable companies are maintained and work to legislative standards. A walk in modular cold room can be assembled within the building or on the property.

Few establishments’ can take the whole unit in one load through standard sized doors/gates. Cold rooms can be installed inside a property or in a convenient outdoor space.

Shelving can be arranged to accommodate the separation of food groups or courses. Cold rooms are temporary units on your property so there is no need to obtain planning permission to install one or more.

When the modular cold room is to be left unattended it should be locked securely. The unit will be insured but it is the client’s responsibility to take out insurance for the items in the cold room.

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