Erection Problems – common problems of men

Erectile dysfunction is the constant inability to get or keep an erection to continue or initiate sexual activities. While some men occasionally fail to keep up with their erection or ejaculate pretty quickly, there are men who continue to face these issues regularly.

A man may sometimes be able to get an erection usually when they wake up in the morning but unable to get one when with their sexual partner. When such is the case, it is considered to be as a physiological problem. Erectile problems that occur every now and then are not considered to be a problem unless the partners consider it to be one. Erectile problems are considered to be a problem when more than 25% of erection issues are encountered over a period of time, that is when it is known as erectile dysfunction.

Effect of Age on Erection Problems

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Erection problems can be suffered by any man, whether young or old. Generally it can happen with anyone aged above 40. If you are suffering from the issue while you are young, the reason may be probably because of your lifestyle. But if you are 40 plus, one of the main reasons that is causing erection problems could be health issues. Other than that, most men over 80 are the ones who face such issues. If you look at a man who is above 80, they have a loose body, saggy skin, wrinkles etc., such is the condition with their penis too that is called the ageing process due to which they can’t have an erection.


Erectile dysfunction can be treated via various methods. Sometimes just brining a change in your lifestyle does wonders while sometime you have to take certain medications or opt for the option of surgery to get it treated. Basically, all this depends on the cause of your erectile problems hence, it is important to figure out what is the main issue.

Besides other treatments for erectile dysfunction, one of the treatments can be consumption of a medicine called Kamagra. Kamagra is used to deal with erection problems to improve impotency from men aged 18 to 82. Many people choose to go for Kamagra as a solution to their erection problems as it is a cheap alternative to other methods. Kamagra tablets come in different Mg’s and their effect can last up to 6 hours or longer hours.

However, if these solutions don’t work for you, you need to go see a doctor immediately and get your issues fixed. Here are some reasons why you should go to your doctor to get a treatment for erection problems;

  • One the penis hasn’t worked for a long time; it can change its structure making the tissues less malleable which makes it difficult for you to get an erection later at all.
  • It affects your relationship with your partner and ruins the intimacy level between the both.
  • It damages your own personality and makes you frustrated at all times.

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