Everything you need to know about Curology

Curology or pocketderm is a skin care product that fights against acne and signs of aging. Many people have used this skin care product and provided their reviews on various sites. So, if you are thinking of using this product, maybe you should checkout the Curology reviews on various review based websites. This product contains key ingredients that are very helpful in the treatment of your skin. Some of the skin conditions that can be cured with this product are mentioned below.

Acne: This skincare product is very effective when it comes to treating your acne with it. It contains many ingredients such as azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, niacinamide, clindamycin, and tretinoin that can provide you with 90% of the acne free skin.

Clogged pores: You can use this skin care product to treat yourself from plugs and clogged pores. It goes deep inside your skin and cleans the clogged pores so that all the impurities can be taken out from the pores.

Dark spots: Dark spots are primarily caused by sun exposure and acne. This skin care product acts as a barrier between the skin and the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as harsh outside atmosphere. You can apply this product on your face before going out from your home.

Firmness: When used on a regular basis for eight weeks, this skin care product will provide you with soft and firm skin. It contains a mix formula of Vitamin C and Tretinoin that works under your skin and makes it soft and firm.

Texture: It also improves the texture of your skin as it contains Tretinoin which helps the skin to regenerate new skin cells which results in improved glow on your face as well as fresh new soft skin.

Wrinkles: Vitamin C and Tretinoin decreases the wrinkles from your facing by making your face firm and elastic.

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