From Sobriety to Tripping — An Overview of the Levels of “High”

How high you are at the time you decide to take another puff can determine the intensity, extent and even pleasure you will enjoy from your THC induced experience. Whether you are a born-again pothead, or just thinking about taking your first toke, understanding how your levels of high generally work can help you get the most from your righteous bud.

Stage 0: Sober

Knowing what it feels like to be completely sober is the best way to begin getting high. New smokers often struggle with arriving at a good high, simply because they don’t know what to expect. Anxiety can build up and taint the whole experience. The best thing to do if you aren’t sure you are getting high is to kick back, relax and smoke some more. Don’t push it, don’t fake it, just stick to it and let it come. If you are smoking with several people in a group, the ratio of joints per potheads can also keep you at stage sober. You will need 1 “J” for every 3 peeps, a good ratio to follow, this way there is fun for everyone.

Stage 1: The Buzz

After a few hits from the pipe or tokes from the “J” you will begin to experience an increased sensitivity and this is the first step to the interesting physical sensation commonly attributed to this product. You will feel relaxed and begin enjoying a heightened visual sensation. While awareness is heightened, you will still feel lucid and can perform any of the important tasks that your day may have for you. This is a good place to be if you are kick starting your morning, getting ready for an intimate outing or even just getting some fresh air at the park. It feels good and is totally covert.

Stage 2: High

Keep pulling on the pipe and you will be HIGH in no time. This comes after the first joint is gone, although people who smoke heavily and regularly will probably need more than a single joint to reach this level. The High feeling is often accompanied with a considerable amplification of gravity and you may feel like collapsing into a comfy recliner, hammock or even the soft green grass. As the wave of euphoria begin to wash over you, disassociation begins to take hold. Your ordinary mental process are suddenly disconnected leaving themselves open for new associations and bizarre ideas. Not the best time to take calls from mom or commit yourself to any life changing projects.

This is actually an excellent time to let an exterior stimuli take the control. Plug yourself into a spectacular sunset, your favorite musical album or a enjoyable movie. Just remember that even though you feel amazing, you are not functioning at your best. Leave serious projects and important thinking till after your high has gone down.

Stage 3: “Tripping”

If you have reached this stage, you are either new to the activity or highly disciplined. It is not easy to reach the stage where experiences are close to what you will find in LSD or Shrooms. While this stage is more commonly associated with edibles, it can be done by properly regulating your smoking habits with tolerance breaks.

It will also be hard to reach this level if you’re cannabinoid receptors are constantly saturated with THC. It will be essential to reduce yourself to Stage 0 and build from there. Those who smoke frequently and don’t give their cannabinoid receptors a needed break will find they get stoned rather than start tripping.

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