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A first discovered cofactor for the reactions of enzymes in bacteria serving the similar functions like that of vitamin B in humans is the Pyrroloquinoline Quinone. This helps the enzymes in performing their jobs effectively. There is a particular class of these cofactors that are known for transferring electrons and play a pivotal role for the mitochondria to produce energy. Some of the main cofactors that are aware of known for transferring electrons include CoQ10, NAD, FAD, vitamin C, etc. They perform different functions and have different effects as well.

Importance of PQQ in humans:

It has been reported with several scientific studies that PQQ is not an enzymatic cofactor in humans unlike plants and bacteria. This has also been told that by limiting the intake of the PQQ in the diet of animals restricts their growth as well as reproduction. This is found in a very large quantity in the breast milk. This is assumed to be a non-vitamin growth cofactor. This is also found in the tissues of mammals. It is believed that the humans make 100-400 nanograms of the PQQ every day.

Sources of the PQQ:

 This cofactor naturally occurs in all the foods in a range of 0.19-61ng/g. This is especially concentrated in the following foods:

  • Spinach
  • Fermented soybean products
  • Kiwi fruits
  • Tofu
  • Parsley
  • Green tea
  • Green peppers and many more.

The amount of PQQ in the Foods rich in this cofactor is must less than that one can get from its supplements. The users are recommended to take these supplements in a therapeutic dosage. It is told that, if it is taken with a meal, 62% of the PQQ from its sources are absorbed. This is eliminated for 24 hours after ingestion. This is entirely metabolized before getting eliminated.

Pros and Cons of the PQQ:

Below mentioned are a few pros and cons of the PQQ:


  • It is helpful in improving the cognitive performance
  • It increases wakefulness
  • This is the best supplement meant for boosting energy
  • This is helpful in improving the mental health and mood of an individual.
  • This is helpful in improving sleep of an individual, etc.


  • Too much intake of this supplement may give rise to the headache
  • This can be too stimulating for some
  • It is good to take a break from it.

Features of the PQQ:

  • This is helpful in decreasing inflammation and free radicals
  • This is helpful in improving reasoning and memory.
  • This is helpful in creation of new mitochondria
  • This is neuro- protective against cognitive injuries

The PQQ is a cofactor, which is required for the health and functioning of a brain. This has been reported that it has proven beneficial in protecting ageing in animals as well as humans. This increases the survival of the cells by combating intensive stress. This is meant for suppressing the reactive species of nitrogen. This is also helpful in protecting the brain against neurotoxicity.

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