Health and safety in catering

Health and safety in catering should be one of the uppermost concerns of management and business owners who wish to ensure that staff and customers are never at risk in their surroundings, during work processes before, during and after opening and whilst being attended to.

Customers will expect a hearty meal, a delicious snack or timely refreshment but they shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of food poisoning, premises that endanger people or staff who don’t adhere to regulations.

You don’t want to be worried about legal action so please be proactive.

Health and safety training should be rolled out to staff through efficient and accredited training companies like Food Alert in London.


The training can be delivered on your premises or at a training centre and via these courses every person involved in food preparation, manufacture and retailing should learn their responsibilities.

Food safety management training for your team may save you from a poor rating under the Food Standards Agency/local authority Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

If every employee/employer follows the processes and legislation, there is no reason why a premises can’t have the craved for rating of 5.

Or to put it another way, do you want to advertise in your window and online that your premises and employees are below par for health and safety in catering?

No, it would be a rare professional who would be happy about this legal requirement so that’s why being proactive about knowledge acquisition and being able to initiate correct processes and food safety controls is worth every single penny of health and safety training fees.

Management can also benefit from Overview for Managers in Food Hygiene and Health and Safety courses which prove hugely useful for professionals who need an induction or refresher course tailored to top level roles. Again, Food Alert offers these courses at their premises at highly competitive rates.

Example course content:

Food Hygiene Training

  • Current levels of food-borne illness and relevant trends.
  • The trends impact on the catering industry.
  • Survey of food hazard notifications during the previous 12 months.
  • Feedback from hygiene audits during the previous12 months.
  • Examples of recent food hygiene prosecutions.
  • The lessons to be learned from prosecutions.
  • Changes to legislation.
  • Environmental Health Officer initiatives.
  • Imminent changes to legislation and good practice food safety requirements.
  • Preparation for using ‘due diligence’ defence.

Health and Safety Training

  • Accident statistics over the previous 12 months, relevant trends and impacts on the catering industry.
  • Legislation update – detailing changes during the last 12 months.
  • Current Environmental Health Officer/Health and Safety Auditors and Executive initiatives.
  • Feedback from safety audits and incidents during the previous year.
  • Examples of recent health and safety prosecutions.
  • The lessons to be taken from prosecutions.
  • Imminent changes to legislation.
  • ‘Best practical means’ defence.

Trainers are waiting for you to book, please do so now. Don’t wait until you suffer from legal action.

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