How can I soothe my sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is something that affects many people and there can be may triggers for an outbreak. Here are some of the symptoms, causes and ideas to prevent sensitive skin breakouts.

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What is Sensitive Skin?

Like people reacting to food and the environment, our skin can do the same. If you find yourself with any of these symptoms you have sensitive skin:

• A burning/tight sensation when using a new product
• Rashes developing after using a household/beauty product
• A skin reaction to stress
• Regular skin irritation
• Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or dermatitis

Basic Steps to Prevent Sensitive Skin

You can help your skin out by using the following preventative measures:

• Make sure you aren’t exposed to hot water. Avoid staying in the shower/bath for too long.
• Try to use soap free products when washing. Make sure you moisturise immediately after washing, especially your face, to prevent irritation.
• Avoid using anything with harsh chemicals or microbeads in your beauty routine, as they may cause skin irritation. Using scrubs will potentially strip the skin.
• Avoid using anything with a fragrance added to it – this applies to all beauty products and even washing detergents.
• Avoid unnecessary chemicals in your washing products, skin care and laundry detergents. Chemicals are known to cause reactions in some people, so prevention is best. Opt for a non-biological powder for your clothes as they are less reactive.

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What Products Should You Use?

When dealing with sensitive skin you should use products that are designed to treat the condition. Most retailers will offer a range of products for sensitive skin, such as Look out for products that have been dermatologically tested and are fragrance free. If you have dry, peeling sensitive skin, go for products that are soothing such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm. When treating acne make sure that you are choosing a product that has minimal chemicals to avoid a reaction.

One of the most important things to consider when dealing with sensitive skin is keeping out of the sun. It is essential that you cover up as much as possible and use a broad-spectrum sun-cream that is suitable for sensitive skin. As well as causing aging, the sun is known to cause flare ups in people with sensitive skin.

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