How Canadian Drugs Play a Role in Our Failing Health Care System

There is no question anymore, our health care system is unraveling before our very eyes. It has been reported that near the year 2028, the trust funds that finance both Medicare and Medicaid will run out. A recent report also shows that Obama Care premiums will likely increase nearly 25% in the coming months. Drug prices are jumping out of control. At the end of the day, more Americans are being forced to make the decision between whether they eat or get their medication. To combat the financial burdens of today’s health care, a lot of Americans are looking into whatever deals they can find, including ordering medication from outside the country.

Many Americans are taking advantage of buying Canadian, according to Canadian Pharmacy You Drugstore. To understand why this is happening, and why Americans would buy Canadian drugs, we need to look more closely at the health insurance companies, at the drug manufacturers, and at the health care system itself.

Problems with Health Insurance Companies

At times, the American health care system seems almost intentionally complex in order to confuse and take advantage of us. Indeed, the system tends benefit drug manufacturers and health insurance companies alike more often than it helps us when we are in need of medication or medical assistance. In 2012, it was reported that about 12.8 million Americans would be provided with a rebate for their medical costs thanks to The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, forces the insurance companies to spend at least 80% or more of what they earn from people’s monthly premiums on medication or medical care. While these rebates seemed like a great introduction for Obama Care at first, this unfortunately prompted virtually every medical insurance company to cancel or discontinue millions of their customers’ existing insurance plans and start offering new plans with significantly higher premiums. In fact, premiums increased nearly 10% on average for family plans in 2011 after the Obama Care policies were announced, and health premiums have seen consistent and significant increases every year since.

Problems with Drug Manufacturers

The drug manufacturing companies do not make things any easier for us either. In the more recent surge of soaring medication costs, drug manufacturers have jumped to point out the many rebates that they offer. However, many reports are now surfacing that describe how the drug manufacturers are actually offering these rebates directly to the health insurance companies instead, rather than to American consumers. In fact, many of these rebates are going to the health insurance companies even if we pay for the medication ourselves, out of pocket. In many cases, insurance companies are receiving these rebates despite the customer being charged the full price through their insurance and paying full price on their premiums. Some critics have considered this as a form of kickback, or a conflict of interest at the very least, as drug manufacturers offering significant rebates to insurance companies may influence insurance companies to include or exclude specific drugs from specific manufactures in their insurance plans. It should also be noted that the same manufacturers have not significantly changed their price on Canadian drugs.

Problems with Health Care

Of course, it all comes down to the regulating laws and policies, as well as how the government enforces them. Currently, drug prices in the United States are not regulated, and because of exclusivity and monopolies in the market, drug manufacturers can charge whatever they deem necessary. In a true sense, it is still the wild west in terms of the health care system. Unfortunately, drug prices are not the only issue for us. As mentioned above, health care premiums have been increasing more rapidly than our incomes in the last ten years, and there are no laws or policies in place to govern what insurance companies can charge us. Moreover, many of us find ourselves eventually prescribed a medication that our health insurance does not cover, even if we have the best medication coverage plans in the state.

Laura Wilde, 47, lives in Georgia and pays about $130 out of pocket every three months for her supply of Wellbutrin XL, a brand name depression medication that she and her doctor trust. She also pays over $470 a month for her private drug coverage, as she has a top medication plan in her state. So why is she paying this much for her depression medication? Because her drug plan does not cover Wellbutrin XL, despite being one of the most expensive plans. Moreover, her depression medication generally costs between $1,100 and $1,500 per month, which would be too expensive for her. Instead, she buys her medication from Canadian pharmacy You Drugstore. Can you imagine if Laura didn’t have access to cheaper medications?

At this moment, millions of Americans are struggling to get the medications they rely on and need. It’s a trend we continue to see grow here in America, more U.S. residents finding alternatives to the high medication cost in the United States.

About Canadian Drugs

In comparison, Canadian drugs generally cost between 70% to 90% less than they do here in the U.S., which is due to the fact that the prices of drugs are regulated in Canada. It is for reasons like this that many Americans choose to purchase Canadian drugs from Canada, as it helps them afford their health care. Actually, over $1 billion worth of brand name medications are purchased from Canada by Americans every year, and that does not include the generic Canadian drugs that Americans also buy. Drugs in Canada are chemically identical to the medication we have in the United States. In fact, most Canadian drugs are manufactured by the same manufacturing companies that are in America. The practices, policies, and laws surrounding the handling and safety of their medication in Canada is also nearly identical to ours. For many Americans, like Wilde, buying Canadian drugs is a viable solution for when we inevitably fall through the cracks in the American health care system and our well being becomes at risk.

Until better laws and polices are put in place to protect the cost of our health care, rather than protecting the companies that control it, we will likely continue to experience the highest drug prices and the highest health premiums in the world. And the current health care crisis will all but end.

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