How Soccer Can Do Wonders For Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone for men. It’s responsible for the male sex drive and the growth of your muscle and chest hair.

Its production begins to dwindle when men hit their 30s and for some, that’s a pretty scary thought. Low testosterone levels can lead to a myriad of issues including a lack of motivation, hair loss, and a low sex drive.

As such a medically significant part of human biology, it could be surprising to think that soccer can play a role in its production. How is this possible?

Watching Soccer Can Increase Testosterone Levels by 28%

It sounds ludicrous but science says otherwise! When you watch your favorite soccer team making a winning touchdown, you can boost your testosterone levels—which translates to increased agility in the sheets! Researchers from Georgia State University studied fans during the 2014 World Cup and noted a 28% increase in testosterone levels for men who watched their team play soccer.

Don’t believe the research? Think back on some of the most exciting soccer games you’ve watched when your team came out victorious. How did you feel afterwards?

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The research, however, isn’t all sweet and rosy. Your testosterone levels can plummet by up to 28% if your team loses! Luckily there are a number of testosterone supplements to help your levels recover, tons of which you can find at Testosterone Boosters Review.

Watching Soccer Give You Much-Needed Down Time

When you’re not occupied with all your daily tasks, you will begin to think about activities like triple sessions at the gym, or maybe you’ll sign up for your local marathon. While this sounds like a good idea, make sure not to go overboard with the workouts.

Research shows that if you spend too much time overtraining, you can trigger high cortisol levels. This hormone counteracts with testosterone. If you’re constantly pushing your body too far, you will have the ripped chest and abs. What use is it if you’re feeling less manly with a possible 40% drop in testosterone levels? Research has shown that the drop could be as much as 50% after running a marathon.

So when you’ve worked out a reasonable amount for the day, tuck in and enjoy a Lazy Sunday by watching the game on your TV or attending the match at the stadium.

Soccer Makes You Drink Red Wine

If you’re like most people, you generally have something to drink while watching soccer. If beer is the norm, think about switching to red wine instead. Quercetin, the main ingredient in red wine, blocks an enzyme that triggers the kidneys to excrete testosterone in urine. This leads to your body retaining more testosterone. We’re still waiting for a conclusive study on how exactly this works, but if you throw the known benefits of drinking red wine into the equation, you’ll have more reason to ditch the pint and grab a glass of red.

Soccer Helps You Sleep

Whether it’s as a result of raging anger at a listless performance by your team or just tiredness from all the shouting and shenanigans that take place on match day, sleep is good for you. If you don’t sleep enough, your testosterone levels drop. In some cases, it could drop by up to 15%. So make sure to throw as much enthusiasm into watching your favorite team if you want a good night’s sleep.

What to do During the Off Season?

When the players are off on holidays, there’s no big match days or ridiculous press conferences to look forward to. However, there’s a reason why season reviews are a thing. Head off to your team’s merchandise store or order a DVD online to relive those highs and lows from the last season. If you support a top team, you’ll have preseason games to look forward to as well. Make sure not to miss them!

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