How You Can Use Anavar Cycle to Meet Your Objective

People all over the world use Anavar cycle extensively in order to maintain their weight. This is a very popular anabolic steroid used for weight loss program. Also, this steroid is extensively used for patients who are suffering from various medical conditions and those who are bed ridden.

Bed ridden patients lose their muscle tissue and hence Anavar plays a good role in restoring them back. Those who are athletes and bodybuilders find this steroid to be quite useful for boosting their muscle mass.

As compared to many other steroids, this steroid is very fast acting and also it is much milder. Hence, it does not cause any kind of negative reaction in our bodies.

Anavar Cycles

As mentioned above it is one of the safest steroids because of its mildness, also known as Oxandrolone in the market. People do not get puffy or bloated after consuming this steroid. That is the reason athletes who want to develop lean muscle prefer to use it. Most of the women prefer to use it. However, it is suitable for both the genders. Men generally prefer to do dieting while they are in Anavar cycle. Since this helps to get rid of men’s fatty tissues from their midsection and help them to develop lean muscle.

Cycle Results

Anavar cycle can be used differently to achieve different results. Some people use this cycle to shed their extra weight while some prefer to improve their muscle strength. However, all throughout your Anavar cycle you cannot use it for bulking up. It certainly helps improving your muscle mass, but you cannot expect huge growth of muscle. You cannot expect great results after taking single dose like you can achieve with other steroids like Anadrol.

For women, this steroid is very effective and therefore it is often called “girl’s steroid”. It can help them to develop muscle without increasing body mass. Also, there is not much side effects observed and weight loss can be achieved.

Cycles for Women

Women who want to do Anavar cycle can start with the dose of 10 to 20 mg per day for 6 weeks. However, some can go above 20 mg per day, if they are interested to get more muscle growth. Hence, they can choose their dosage according to their objective. It is however necessary that the user must take off after 6 weeks to avoid the development of side-effects.

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