Indian Filmmakers are Crowdfunding for Their Projects and It’s Working

It’s undeniably difficult to get noticed as a filmmaker. There are aspiring directors everywhere vying for attention and a large number of them are armed with brilliant scripts. From short films to web series, there is no dearth of talent in the filmmaking industry, but more often than not, their stories tend to be abandoned half-baked, or fade before they’re implemented. If you ask any budding filmmaker, they’ll all give you the same reason: lack of funding.

More filmmakers today are turning to crowdfunding than ever before. Crowdfunding is an open concept, where all ideas are welcome, as long as you can convince enough people to care about it as well. A number of things posed as obstacles to filmmakers while they sought to raise funds: they needed proof of their talent, they needed to provide a safe platform for donors to make their contributions conveniently and they needed to offer perks (and assure of their deliverance) to encourage donors. Film crowdfunding is one unique option that lets them do all three. Directors are able to display past work to movie buffs who then contribute to your next project. They are also able to offer quirky rewards, like an invite to a premier, perhaps naming a character after them or the title of associate producer for larger donations.

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Abhinandan is an aspiring filmmaker, hailing from Bengaluru, who has chosen to begin crowdfunding for his next creative endeavor. His most recent project is a film about an old man who gets rejected by his family and struggles to empower himself. For this movie targeted towards the senior generation or baby boomers, Abhinandan campaigns to raise funds on Impact Guru, a top platform choice for most causes.

Filmmaking is an expensive business, and producers and directors need to secure funding before they can delve into their projects so that they create high quality content and don’t end up abandoning their projects midway. Often, many filmmakers run different fundraising campaign for the various stages of making a film. Development money comes first; this includes funding to pay screenwriters, location scouting, camera tests and costs of administration. The next set of expenses are towards hiring the full cast and crew, part of what they call pre-production, followed by shooting or production. The final stage of a film is marketing and distribution. Impact Guru has seen campaigners successfully raise funds for all stages, through their user-friendly crowdfunding India platform, priced at a nominal fee.

Are you a passionate budding filmmaker? Display your skills and engage with enthusiastic donors through crowdfunding today to fund your next project!

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