Managing Health and Safety in Catering

We’re fast approaching the busiest time of the year for restaurants, pubs and hotels. If you have new starters who require training or established staff who need a refresher then now is the time to optimise their potential and your health and safety in catering capacity.

Training firms like the London based Food Alert offer in house, at training centre or online training facilities at level 2 which is equivalent to GCSE grades A* to C.
The knowledge gained and the reminders issued could ensure that your establishment’s merry Christmas won’t be followed by a legal suit to start the New Year.

Food safety training will furnish staff with the knowledge to be able to follow health and safety in catering legislation.
Management, team leaders and supervisors can progress to higher levels 3, which is A/AS level equivalent, and level 4. These food safety courses are taken in person.

Here are food safety training overviews of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health accredited courses.

CIEH Level 2 Food Safety in Catering
Food safety training is essential for anyone involved in food preparation, manufacture or retailing. This is more in depth than the level 1 most basic training and it deals with food safety at a practical task level.

Topics covered are:
Food safety and hygiene hazards
Food handling
Temperature control
Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding
Cooking, hot holding and reheating
The principles of safe food storage
The food premises and pest control

The student appreciates the consequences of actions and the legislation which must be adhered to, they also learn how to identify and minimise risks in the work area.
From level 2 it is a simple matter to progress to level 3.

CIEH level 3 Food Safety in Catering course content:
Legislation and management
Good hygiene practices, implementation and monitoring
Personal hygiene
Food safety management tools
HACCP – Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points
Temperature control
Waste disposal
Staff training
Workplace design
Pest control

It is recommended that the courses at all levels should be retaken every three years so that any changes in legislation are met by the entire team.
The practical application of the food safety training should help to gain better scores when the food safety auditor calls.

CIEH Level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing.
This course is an asset for anyone in a catering, manufacturing or retailing environment in which food is prepared, handled and /or cooked.

The course addresses the following aspects of food safety:
The importance of food safety.
Personal hygiene.
Safe food storage.
Food safety hazards.
Food safety management.
Temperature control.
Cleaning safely.
Use of chemicals.
Risks and prevention.

Allow your customers to leave your premises well fed and satisfied not with a need to visit the Accident and Emergency department at the local hospital.

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