Marijuana 1010: Are There Vegan Edibles?

People who are searching for edible alternatives will feel excited to know that there are different vegan and gluten-free products available. These products can help picky users who are conscious of their food intake and continues to appreciate the opportunity to use medical marijuana. Here are examples of some vegan edibles that you can choose and enjoy.

Medicated Macaroons – Utopia Farms

One example of vegan edibles is medicated macaroons by Utopia Farms. The product is available in two flavors, vanilla, and raspberry. It contains no sugar, vegan, and fits perfectly to individuals who monitor their food intake. Based on reviews, both products taste great and provide adequate the appropriate dosage size. It is advisable to lower consumption initially to manage the impact of the edible.

Baked Goods – Auntie Em’s

The purpose of Auntie Em’s baked goods is to offer confections to customers that follow specific dietary restrictions. That is why most of the company’s products provide different vegan varieties and gluten-free treats. For instance, Auntie Em’s red velvet cupcakes continue to taste good and uses only the healthiest ingredients available. Even with its marijuana component, these treats give you a quality flavor.

Dark Chocolate Bar – Kiva Tangerine

If you like chocolate edibles, then Kiva Tangerine’s dark chocolate bar can become a viable option. These are product staples readily available in different dispensaries. It is also a vegan alternative that you can try. Also, part of its ingredients is tangerine which helps hide the scent and taste of marijuana. That is why you should also become cautious of your intake because you might end up overeating.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Korova

You can also choose chocolate edibles is from Korova. The mixture of peanut butter gives you the opportunity to enjoy smooth and fudgy chocolate. Like any other edible, it is vegan, organic, and gluten-free. You can get your high by eating specific amounts of the product. Also, the company’s unique logo further adds to the product’s selling point.

Peanut Butter – Simple Pure

Another peanut butter edible alternative comes from the company Simple Pure. The company uses locally-grown cannabis from Colorado and aims to promote physical and mental wellness. Aside from peanut butter, there are also other spreads available. The inclusion of vegan additives offers a viable substitute for people seeking suitable confections.

Candy Hearts – Dr. Raw

Finally, there are candy Hearts by Dr. Raw. It is a vegan edible that seeks to provide medicinal marijuana users an alternative to achieve their needed dose. Like other products, the candy hearts brand is vegan and gives you the chance to enjoy candies without worrying too much on sugar or additives.

Overall, the different products above are some vegan edibles available in your local dispensaries. While each one offers alternatives to enjoy your needed dose, it is still essential to maintain proper control of consumption. It is best to begin with small dosages and gradually build over time. Also, it is best to identify the components in the product. As you learn to recognize these crucial points, it helps you get products that align with your preferred diet.

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