Nothing Is Just A Fiction Unless You Apply It On Yourself

What we see in movies is generally considered as a fiction or something that is hard to be believed upon. So it is very difficult to find out the fact that drug can help you be smarter and give you immense energy throughout the day. However, in the movie Limitless, it shows that the drugs named NZT 48, which is a fictional name helps in building better and smarter brain, and therefore helps to pursue a voguish life. Well, this type of drugs exists in the real world, and is mainly called as Nootropics, which means “mind turning”. Though it doesn’t results in effect as the same way like in the movie, but somewhere it coincides a lot.

NZT 48 has been shown in the movie with many benefits, which not only improves our mood but helps in building our confidence and social skills.


The discovery and the benefits it has caused

Nootropics are the smart drugs or cognitive enhancers that help in improving the cognitive function of the brain, boosting the memory, creativity and letting individual get engrossed in a smart way. The first Nootropics was discovered in 1960 was Piracetam, which is considered to be an important neurotransmitter that helps in enhancing the capability of the brain by developing it to have a sharper memory and enhancing quick learning. Apart from that, this substance does not have any threat of side effect on the brain. However, there have been a lot of debates made on the usage of this drug in the absence of medical indication by the neuroscientists, psychiatrists and physicians.

After the discovery of Piracetam many such Nootropics have been developed which are said to increase energy and brainpower so that our brain can store and access more information. The other popular nootropics are

  • Modafinnil
  • Alpha GPC
  • Phenibut
  • Picamilon
  • Inositol
  • Aniracetam and many more

Majority of the people consider Modafinil to be very much similar to NZT 48 these days. Also, it is Modafinil that has been brought in the movie “Limitless” as an inspiration. These are mainly recommended for people suffering from narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, but now USA military have started using it for their pilots to keep functioning even after various hours without sleep. It is preferred mainly because it helps in increasing energy and alertness. Nonetheless, the international sales of such drugs or brain booster supplements exceeded 1 Billion US dollars, and the global demands for these compounds are still growing rapidly.

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