Online Doctor’s Office is a Cool New Business Endeavor

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to visit a doctor, but their schedule is slammed. Or, they cannot get an appointment. What do you do? Do you suffer without a visit, or see a new doctor? One of the coolest new businesses on the block is the virtual doctor’s office. A licensed practitioner – and his staff – that offers online appointments via Skype, in order to accommodate their patients schedules. This isn’t a joke – and it can be a huge moneymaker for the right merchant.

These practitioners treat a wide variety of illnesses and concerns – and you can stay in the bed to have a visit. They also need to accommodate a large variety of payment types from their customers, which include both health insurance billing, credit card payments and cash. And here lies the problem.

While insurance isn’t a problem, payment processing can be – thanks to the “high risk” label this new business is placed under. The best way out is to have a virtual terminal that can accept swiped cards, process keyed-in transactions, accept online payments, and establish payment plans. Take the time to research and find a true professional in the field that will offer virtual terminals, online billing, MOTO processing, and other useful tools, as well as low-commitment contracts with transparent pricing and quality customer service for operating your general practice. Consider turning to a reputable online doctor merchant account Provider like

Being the industry’s leading high risk specialist, helps high risk merchants secure payment processing solutions to run their high risk business without challenges. Alternative payment processors like EMB are a great solution for these merchants as traditional providers usually stay away from high risk businesses or industries.

EMB’s professional team has years of experience in the electronic payments industry and has helped thousands of high risk merchants get a domestic merchant account. Thanks to EMB’s full suite of electronic payment processing solutions, every virtual doctor’s office can accept credit cards and checks electronically.


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