Why Opt for a Sports Massage?

Many people don’t understand the many benefits of receiving a sports massage, they aren’t just for elite athletes, they are designed for regular gym goers and individuals who partake in competitive sports on a regular basis. Massage sessions are excellent for improving your performance even at amateur level. The following article will discuss the topic of sports massage more deeply, including some of its main benefits.

What does a sports massage consist of?

Sports massage is usually administered by a trained professional such as a physiotherapist or sports performance scientist. It involves several different techniques which are designed to break up scar tissue inside the muscle and help to flush out lactic acid. There are two main types of massage therapies when it comes to sports, one is to help improve your performance, the other is designed to prevent injury, and also support rehabilitation.

Sports Performance

Sports massage helps to loosen tight muscles, it also aids in improving your range of motion. The more you train, the tighter your muscles can become, so if you are on a mass building program and you neglect to get regular massage sessions, your range of movement will decrease, making you more susceptible to injury. After a heavy training session in the gym, or a rigorous sprinting session on the tracks, you’ll feel a lot better after getting a massage. You’ll feel more flexible, less stiff, and energetic.

Preventing Injury

One of the main benefits of getting regular massage sessions is to prevent injury. It helps to keep your body supple and allows your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to go through their full range of motion without getting damaged. Before you partake in vigorous exercise or a sporting competition, you should consider getting a pre-event massage, this type of sports massage helps to increase blood flow to your muscles. Increasing blood flow is exactly what a warm up is designed to do, it prepares your body for exercise and loosens up tight muscle fibres.

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A very high percentage of injuries are caused by not warming up, if you go straight into a challenging workout, you’ve a good chance of straining a muscle or spraining a ligament. Pre-event massage sessions are designed to prevent injuries, they reduce the likelihood of hurting yourself before you partake in any type of physical activity.


In you require a physio in Alexander Heights in WA, there are some highly professional clinics who offer a wide range of massage treatments. Some of them include sports massage services which are excellent for relaxation purposes. They help reduce stress and allow athletes to focus more intently on their goals. A massage aids with focus, so they are highly beneficial before entering a race or match.

There are many good reasons to opt for a sports massage, they help reduce the risk of injury, they can help with sports performance, and a good therapist will know how to make you feel relaxed before an important sporting competition. It is also great for reducing pain and improving range of movement.

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