Poor Food Hygiene Levels Could Close Your Business

Poor Food Hygiene Levels Could Close Your BusinessThe public know what to look for.
A recent study found that poor food hygiene can affect a business disastrously because customers have never been better informed about establishments’ standards. They comprehend the way that food retailers and producers are evaluated.

No food business can hide from the truth any longer, your client base can tell at a glance whether they should avoid eating from your menu or purchasing a takeaway item.

Your clients’ strength of knowledge means that you must perform at the highest levels of food hygiene and enforce best practices that meet Food Standard’s Agency and Health and Safety Executive legislation.
This is not a matter that you can afford to ignore.

Food hygiene has a massive impact on business
75% of people questioned in the recent study confirmed that they would not visit an establishment that had been implicated in a food hygiene incident unless the management had changed.
61% of people would not visit a food outlet with a level 2 or less food hygiene rating.

By not effectively managing your responsibilities to your clients your lack of food hygiene could put you out of business.
Can you survive with only 25% of the population taking the risk of stepping over the threshold?
Only 9% of people would ignore the food hygiene rating displayed on the premises and online but they would be cautious about their menu choices and probably wouldn’t relax.
These wary patrons wouldn’t keep your business afloat.

Food hygiene training is essential

Food hygiene training is an integral factor in being able to trade within legislation. If you don’t know what to do, when to do it and why you are bound by the law to do it then your business is at risk..

By investing in food hygiene training courses with an industry expert like the London based Food Alert you will allow every member of your team to comprehend the impact that their actions and decisions have on food safety and the survival of your food business.

You may argue that this investment means taking money from the profit column in your accounts and that you’ll lose staff work hours thanks to training.

Here’s a solid counter argument, the cost to your business from prosecution, loss of reputation and possible closure will always be more than a few hours or days top level training, gaining knowledge and practically applying proven food safety management techniques.

The fees are competitive and shouldn’t alter your decision to take food hygiene training courses.

Food safety training must be taken to win clients’ trust. Potential consumers can use their eyes to see an unclean floor, dirty cutlery, the staff member on their mobile and the chef who indulges in a bit of nose mining.
They can walk on to the 4 or 5 food hygiene rated establishment a few doors down. Don’t allow that to happen, be food hygiene proficient.

Contact reputable industry training experts and strengthen your business.

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