Rebel Wilson’s Shocking Weight loss!

Everyone knows who the Rebel Wilson is. She is the Australian-born actress known for her comedic role on Bridesmaid, Pitch Perfect, and Pain and Gain. In addition to her acting, she is also an accomplished producer and writer. She is well known for her contagiously upbeat and comedic spirit, as well as her admirable confidence in herself as a plus sized women. As of recently, it is the talk of Hollywood that Rebel Wilson has been shedding some serious weight and has been looking even more stunning.

It is very noticeable that she lost a lot of weight within a short period of time. She debuted her look at her Pitch Perfect co-star’s wedding wearing a beautiful tight and slimming pink dress. After a diabetic scare, Rebel decided that it was time to take charge of her health and become the fit young girl she used to be. Rebel explained that she took a three step approach to shed 20 pounds within approximately six weeks.

How did she shed the weight?

Part of  Rebel Wilson weight loss can be contributed to her change in eating habits. She describes herself as an emotional eater. In an interview she explained, She struggled with food but she is determined to win and is obviously now winning.

One of Rebel’s favorite foods was Ice cream coupled with honeycomb and cookie dough. With sugar and desserts being her weakness, she has now decided to trade in the ladder for more healthier and rewarding options. One of the techniques she incorporated into her diet was the addition of fiber. The trick was to fill her body up with fiber rich foods to create a feeling of being full. This helped to diminish cravings and the desire to eat. Her goal was to eat around 35 g of fiber per day. Eating more fiber also helps in reducing sugar cravings.

The last dietary change she made was the incorporation of healthy fats into her diet. The idea was to exchange the refined foods and bad carbohydrates for nutrient dense proteins and good carbs. The healthy fats, proteins, and carbs she ate included carrots, zucchini chips, vegetable hummus, and one of her favorite combos, raw almond butter on celery and/or carrots. Her fitness trainer explained that the combination of good carbs and proteins helps to maintain well-balanced insulin levels. Balanced insulin levels cause easier weight loss.

How does she workout to lose weight

First, she changed the way she watched tv. According to celebrity fitness news, Rebel made it a routine to incorporate high intensity workouts. Her workouts were completed 4 times a week for 5- 10 minutes. Her fit and athletic friends explained to her that this would help to rev up her metabolism. The short high intensity workouts target the fast twitch muscle fibers. The quick burst of exercises allows the body to keep burning calories for hours after performing the exercise. So when lounging around and watching the television, Rebel would get off the couch and charge up her metabolism. She did this along with taking a metabolic enhancer that allowed her to triple her metabolic weight!

It is apparent that she is even more active in addition to high intensity workouts. In May of 2016, she posted a picture on social media of her posing proudly after a hike. She gave thanks to her masseuses, also stating that getting massages was also part of her weight loss program. She had also once told interviewees that her boyfriend has encouraged her to go to the gym. She’d appreciatively use his advice as fueling motivation.

The thing that is most admirable and inspiring about her weight loss is her dedication and candidness about her journey. Her present weight has not really been spoken of but her thinning looks speak for itself. She has changed dramatically going from a confident plus sized woman to a slimmer and healthier woman. If she could make such drastic changes and devote herself to a more rewarding and active lifestyle, anyone can do it with a little will power. The best bet would be to make small changes and build a team. Her supportive fans, friends, masseuses, and fitness trainers have really helped to motivate her and keep her on track. It is amazing to see what a positive change can do. Truly, there isn’t anything Rebel can’t do. Click here to read more about Rebel Wilson weight loss.

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