Senior Franchise Opportunity in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are residents of Indianapolis, Indiana, who are in desperate need of any personally satisfying senior franchise opportunity in Indianapolis Indiana. It is very fortunate for these people because Indianapolis currently has one great senior service franchise with a broad network comprising not less than one thousand privately-owned and run franchises in the region, all of which exist with the agenda of offering non-medical home care services and companionship to the senior individuals across the globe. The owners of this umbrella franchise comprise people who are not only passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of the elderly but also have the aspiration of making a substantial difference in the society. For anyone who is seeking a business that has gained itself a very reputable brand name in addition to having considerably low initial investment costs, expansion potential, extraordinary executive support and a satisfying career route, them this is the golden chance. Having been an innovator in senior care for several years, this franchise is celebrated to have joined the world’s leading and most reliable in field of eldercare. In 2015, it was ranked the top overall with regards to franchise fulfillment which made it secure the title for three subsequent years now.

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The franchise’s outstanding performance and growth opportunities in the industry has made Wall Street Journal to refer to is as among America’s top 15 high-performance franchises thanks to the swiftly increasing aging population that in turn brings about business opportunities. It is projected that at least sixty million people living in North America will be sixty-five years of age and above in the beginning of 2020. A recent study also revealed that today, approximately eighty-six percent of the elderly citizens show their intention and longing to go on staying at their homes for the longest time possible; that six hundred million individuals globally qualify to be considered for senior care; and that in early 2025 there will be approximately 1.2 billion elderly citizens, the number which will rise further to two billion by the end of 2050. Whereas this franchise has more than one thousand franchises spread evenly across the globe, the escalating demand for senior services implies that a large amount of franchise territories exist not only in the United States of America but also the world over. These are just but a few reasons an investor living in Indianapolis, Indiana, should prefer this particular franchise opportunity.

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