Somatotropin VS Somatropin – A knowhow

When it comes to their function in the body, somatotropin and Somatropin are really confused by many people. The people who have diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and are recommended for therapy and treatments should always understand the difference between these two.

The main difference between these two hormones is one is endogenous and the other is exogenous. Somatotropin is body produced or natural or endogenous growth hormone. This is secreted by pituitary gland at anterior lobe. This hormone’s main responsibility is to stimulate the secretion of IGF-1 or insulin like growth hormone in the liver. That hormone is also called as somatomedin C. As implied by their name growth factors are responsible for things to grow. This growth includes the growth of each and every cell in the body.

Since somatotropin along with its growth hormone properties is also responsible for cellular rejuvenation and reproduction it is categorized into peptide hormone. It is responsible for intiating growth spurts, development and growth of body organs, and growth of long bones in the human body. This endogenous growth hormone also influences number of glandular functions which inturn effects bodily functions like musculoskeletal systems, metabolic and endocrine systems.

Somatotropin functions:

This endogenous hormone is formed from 191 amino acids. These are manufactured and secreted by somatotrophs which are nothing but cellular structures. These are located in the pituitary gland at anterior globe. These take major role in physiological functions and processes including growth and metabolism. There are 2 types of physiological effects either they can be direct or indirect.

Somatotropin is believed to cause direct effects since it has the capacity to bind the receptors to target cells. This process is usually compared to making of a jigsaw puzzle. To initiate targeted activity, there must be a link between target cell and the receptors. Growth hormone receptors are also found in Adipocytes. That is why after reaching Adipocytes, they have the ability to stimulate the fat breakdown process. Hence there will not be any accumulation of fat and lipid uptake is also reduced. Visit to know more.

Somatropin functions:

Synthetic growth hormone is known as somatropin. This is usually used in the treatment of growth hormone deficiencies. It is also effective in treating growth hormone failure in case of children. In adults it is used if the pituitary gland is not working as expected to produce adequate level of growth hormone.

The effects of exogenous somatropin and endogenous somatotropin are very similar. Recombinant DNA technologies result in somatropin. Today it is available in over 2 dozen brands names. There are many benefits of this exogenous somatropin. Some of them are

  • It can improve energy levels
  • It is very effective in enhancing stamina and endurance after, during and before exercises
  • It helps in increasing muscle gains
  • It will not help in improving muscle strength or function but it helps it to grow larger
  • Improvements both in bone strength and bone mass. This leads to the lessen risk of osteoporosis

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