Street names of steroids commonly known to bodybuilders

There are two main groups of steroids – anabolic and corticosteroids. Both of them are prescribed for treating medical conditions and are part of treating plans. The nonmedical use of this kind is not recommended by medical community. Most people turn to illegal buying, but that can lead onto trouble. Learning about common steroids would involve being aware of the steroid names, along with street names.

Before going onto the names, you must know that there is difference between the two types of steroids. The anabolic steroids are synthetic variation of male hormone testosterone. The testosterone that is often considered steroid gives steroid-like benefits and behaviors. The anabolic steroids like testosterone injections are commonly recommended for hormone replacement in treating hypogonadism, impotence, sexual disorders and reduce muscle wasting conditions like HIV, AIDS, and treats cancer patients. The corticosteroids are considered a class of hormone that produces in the body, and more specifically by the adrenal cortex. The drug is commonly recommended for treating skin conditions, lupus, asthma, and arthritis. Click through to for more information.

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Name list of steroids

The prescription drugs are commonly known by brand names and not generic names. If the drug is common in the market for a long time, it becomes generic. The brand name drug can be manufactured generically after its patent expires. The generic drug must have same ingredients, strength, dosage, and function, along with the brand name. They don’t have to have similar inactive ingredients. When it comes to the steroid’s drug names you must be aware that the generic term for steroid can apply to numerous types of brands.

Read the following to known some of the generic terms for popular chemical steroid names. These steroids are Anadrol 50 from Oxymetholone, Depo-testosterone from testosterone, Methitest from methyltestosterone, Axiron from testosterone, Androxy from fluoxymesterone, and Oxandrin from Oxandrolone. The street names that you might find them addressed are Gym Candy, Arnolds, Roids, Juice, Stackers, Gear, and Weight Trainers.

The steroid names of the anabolic steroids are used in non-medical environments, and the familiarity with those are recommended for anyone who has been prescribed for using steroids for medical conditions. This is recommended for individuals like athletes, bodybuilder, and others who need to buy steroids without a prescription.

Steroid names for bodybuilding

There are common names of steroids like Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Anavar, Clenbuterol, Winstrol and Trenbolone. When you consider different steroid names, you must do some research and beware of the benefits along with the drawbacks of the common steroids, regardless of where you use them for medical or nonmedical reasons. You must be careful before using the steroid street names, as these are commonly used in the black markets. If you are caught using the names in an area where people can have a doubt on you getting in illegalities, you can face trouble. It is better to be careful about your usage but also know the right names so that you can understand when people address them. For more facts, turn to, and you will know more about steroids.

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