How Testosterone can help when using Winstrol

During cutting cycles, bodybuilders are looking for steroids that could guide them and help them achieve the body that they want. Cutting cycles is when a person works hard in cutting down the fats in their body and make sure that their muscles stays lean and fit. During these cycles, the person has to make sure that they also eat a healthy diet and do exercises that will help them burn fatter. It is serious especially when you are taking steroids because these are potent drugs that could give side effects but these will depend especially if you take another drug to fight these negative effects off.

A lot of people have been wondering how Winstrol would work with them because there have been a lot of reviews regarding it being one of the best steroids used to help in diminishing unwanted fats. It has a lot of benefits too like it doesn’t cause water retention, can help you gain healthy weight, and make your muscles appear leaner and stronger. Bodybuilders would often use this especially before their competitions because it makes them look fresh and cut. Other bodybuilders would also stack this with other types of steroids for best results.

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Winstrol is affecting your testosterone production

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid which is known to suppress the production of your testosterone which means it only affects men. This can badly affect their libido and sex drive. This is the primary reason why most bodybuilders would stack this with any kind of testosterone. You may also be familiar with the term called testicular atrophy which basically means that the testicles will waste away since it’s not producing testosterone anymore. It’s important that you know all about this first before using Winstrol. It can be dangerous if you just take this for granted.

What kind of Testosterone is best used to avoid the suppressing effects of Winstrol?

You don’t need to worry about this because you can choose any kind of testosterone for this stack. You don’t have to worry if you are considering Winny and Sustanon because it’s definitely OK as long as you know the correct dosage for each drug. It’s true that you can still get solid results even if you choose to use Winstrol alone during these cycles, but you wouldn’t want to experience the side effects mentioned above. Imagine your testicles rotting away, it’s very scary.

The dosages used for Testosterone and Winny Stacks

You should know that both men and women are allowed to use Winstrol but they need to consider their different dosages. Some people will follow different schedules when taking Winny-Test stack but it is recommended for men to take 35-75mg of oral Winstrol, while only a 25-50mg of injectable Winstrol is recommended. For testosterone, some woul start with a 350-500mg before and after they use Winstrol. For example, taking test for the first 2 weeks and then taking Winstrol for 6 weeks, then going back again to test for 4 weeks.

Winstrol is a great drug that you can really use as long as you know your limitations and the right ways on how to use it. Everybody has been wondering how it can be dangerous; it becomes dangerous when you don’t take the necessary precautions because you already know how it can negatively affect your body.


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