The Truth About Mary Jane’s Controversial New Cousin

Marijuana use has been a controversial topic across the world, and recreational marijuana use is still illegal in most states across America. One of the latest crazes to hit the growing marijuana industry is the “dab” or “dabbing.” Dabbing, which involves smoking a concentrated form of the plant that is essentially all THC, minus the plant, has created its own set of controversy within the marijuana culture. Dabbing has been around for nearly ten years, but until recently, it has remained in the shadows, known mostly by those heavily involved in the marijuana community. There are the marijuana purists who seem to view dabbing as a separate entity, denouncing this potent new form of weed that has infiltrated the culture.

The process of dabbing involves heating the THC and cannabinoid concentrate on a nail with a torch or torch lighter and smoking it through a dab rig. Dab rigs are becoming more advanced as the popularity of dabbing grows, and there is a myriad of new accessories, such as the drop down, available from SmokeCartel, that allows the smoker increased functionality for their existing rig, while also keeping it much cleaner and more effective than would otherwise be possible. This process has been likened by many anti-dab marijuana users to more hardcore drugs due to the way the THC is ingested. Many marijuana smokers have begun dabbing due to its extremely high THC content, allowing a high much more intense than traditional marijuana and can often contain 100% cannabinoids. Many of those who champion the dab, rave about its practicality. Because of a dab’s high THC and cannabinoid content, those who smoke it generally spend much less time consuming the drug, while still receiving an intense high that is often times superior to its weed plant counterpartYour text to link….

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While many people stand by the potency of dabbing, for casual smokers, or those who ingest marijuana due to chronic illnesses, dabbing may pack a little too much punch. The intensity involved with dabbing can often result in an inability to function as one normally would when smoking traditional budded marijuana, but for many weed enthusiasts, this is not such a terrible thing.

There are several methods for producing a quality dab, some which include volatile chemical processes, such as adding butane, grain alcohol, or rubbing alcohol. To the public eye, many of dabbing’s detractors take exception to the introduction of these chemical processes, which may resemble cooking meth or other hardcore drugs. Others reject the idea of having to light their marijuana with a torch that is attached to a dab rig, citing its resemblance to dangerous drugs. According to recent studies, ingesting a dab isn’t inherently dangerous when taken in normal doses, but the byproducts produced by the chemical processes, if not done correctly, may produce undesired side-effects, as well as dangerous explosions. As ways to create dabs continue to be refined and people are becoming more educated on the proper way to utilize dabbing, it is becoming more prevalent among the pro-marijuana community.

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