Things to Know before Visiting a Tinnitus Doctor

Some people suffer from this hearing disorder in which they hear sounds that originate in their head and not out in the world. Ringing, humming and buzzing are the most commonly noted sounds that are heard by people suffering from this disorder. The sufferer may not hear sounds all the time, they may come and go. Sounds can be heard either in one or both ears.

As per a data, every one person out of 10 adults in the United States suffers from this hearing disorder. It is a myth that this disorder cannot be treated. The team of ascent audiology and hearing comprise of expert doctors to help you sorting such issues.

Tinnitus can cause some serious effects in your everyday life. Sometimes the patient may also suffer hearing loss or loudness hyperacusis. It is important to consult an expert tinnitus doctor to receive the treatment of your sufferings.


Common Causes of Tinnitus:

  • Injury on the head.
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • Loud Noise such as loud music, shooting gun or heavy machinery.
  • Aging effect.
  • Side effect from some other medicine.

Effects of Tinnitus:

Tinnitus can affect in various ways to the person suffering from this order. The sound is loud enough to distract one’s concentration. The patient is unable to hear properly what the other person is saying because of the loud sound. They may find it difficult to read or follow a conversation because of the distraction noise that they hear time and again.

Tinnitus can be the cause of sleeping disorders as well because people suffering from this disorder find it difficult to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. Such people also have to struggle in keeping their focus on certain things. They may often feel depressed, annoyed, angry or anxious because of this disorder.

Treatments by an expert Tinnitus doctor:

Various treatments can be used by an able tinnitus doctor to cure this disorder. Tinnitus may not be eliminated altogether from any of the below-mentioned treatments but they will surely help in reducing its effect.


Tinnitus can leave many side-effects on the patient and counseling helps to deal with them. Some people may face severe tinnitus effects whereas some may be getting minor effects. Each individual is dealt with keeping their issues in prospect.

Sound Therapy:

To diminish the loudness and prominence of tinnitus, some people are advised to use wearable devices that mask the sound of the tinnitus. Non-wearable devices are also getting popular with tinnitus affected people. These devices include music, fans, and noise machines that produce sounds like raindrops or waves.

Since tinnitus can also cause hear loss, hearing aid devices are recommended by tinnitus doctors as they not help in the overall hearing experience, they also help in reducing the stress that people may have because of tinnitus.

Tinnitus should not be neglected thinking they are incurable. A Little bit of research and consultancy from an expert tinnitus doctor can prove to be really beneficial for you. You will find the best team of tinnitus doctors at Accent audiology and hearing.

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