Understanding the Drug Culture in Springfield High Schools

Substance abuse is a rapidly spreading problem in the United States today that seems to have no end to it.  The crisis has been a steady and a serious one to say the least.  What’s perhaps most concerning about it is that the problem is spreading into other demographics that were essentially previously unaffected like Springfield explains Drug Rehab Springfield. The rehabilitation center is having an increasing amount of admissions.  For example, drug abuse has become an increasingly concerning issue in high schools.  That’s right, in high schools. These are kids between the ages of thirteen and eighteen here.  But true enough, drug abuse definitely is becoming more common in high schools, especially in cities and towns in the Midwest like in Springfield.


This is a very worrying and concerning issue because, of all of the age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, sexes, geographic areas, income levels, and other factors, it is the young adults and the teens of the nation that are at the most risk and that stand to lose the most when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse and substance abuse issues in general in these areas.

Young adults, even in their late teens and early twenties, still have a lot of development in their brains, in their minds, and in their bodies.  When substance abuse is entered in, it can drastically affect the life of the individual and can actually cause permanent damage in the young adult.  Furthermore, young adults also have a much shorter life expectancy if they abuse drugs and alcohol than older adults do when older adults abuse drugs and alcohol.  To make matters even worse, young adults also have a much higher tendency to spread addiction onto other young adults.  In fact, addiction spreads faster one young adult/teen to another faster than it spreads in any other demographic in the nation.

A Real Issue

Substance abuse amongst teens and young adults is a real problem in the nation, especially in towns like Springfield.  For example:

  • Illicit drug use in the year of 2013 varied by the educational status of adults aged 18 or older by quite a bit actually.
  • The rate of current illicit drug use was lower among college graduates, (6.7 percent), than those with some college education but no degree, (10.8 percent), high school graduates with no further education, (9.9 percent), and those who had not graduated from high school, (11.8 percent).
  • What is interesting here is that college dropouts and high school dropouts have the highest chances of abusing substances of them all.

When a city has problems like these, it’s time to start thinking with rehabilitation and recovery for the addicted or substance abusing individual.  This is key and this has been key for some time now.  True enough, the drug problem could not really be gotten rid of in any other way.  Once young adults and teens start abusing drugs and alcohol they will ultimately need rehab to settle and resolve the issue, as nothing else will be able to work or provided them with the help and the succor that they absolutely need.  With rehab though, the young adult addiction crisis in Springfield can finally be lifted.

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