Understanding the Significance of Pediatricians

By the moment you hold your new-born in your arms, you must have already chosen the most significant person for his/her health– a paediatrician!This is the most vital decision as you will need to fix multiple appointments with the chosen paediatrician during your baby’s first year of life. In fact, such medical attention is required for many more years to come. Schedule of general check-ups, especially for vaccinations are lined up strategically till 18 years of age including boosters for hepatitis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, influenza,diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis,cholera, typhoid, etc.


Therefore, the role of paediatrician is pivotal in every child’s life. Understanding importance of a paediatricianis essential, especially in India where infant mortality rate is high due to lack of access to proper and regular medical care and bad sanitation conditions.As most of the parents are caught up in the web of busy life, it’s difficult to find out a qualified one whom you can trust. But thankfully, DrRiighthas emerged as an ultimate solution to booking appointments online with verified and skilled pediatricians in Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and other cities of the nation.

We must also understand that medical diagnosis and treatment methods differ largely for kids and adults. Hence, paediatricians specialise in childcare and treatment ofvarious illnesses, ailments or/and disorders, and is able to monitor a kid’s mental and physical growth. Apart from this paediatricians also educate and guide parents on the fundamentals of diet, hygiene, physical health and mental fitness of the child. They keep a consolidated record of examinations, tests, treatments, outcomes and medications filed for evaluation and future use.On an average, a paediatrician schedules multiple appointments from birth till the time your kid turns 2, and twice/thrice a year from age 2 to 5 depending on the situation and requirement. A skilled doctor, from the beginning, must do the following major tasks:-

  1. Ensure that physical tests and treatments are happening on time
  2. Provide vaccinations as per age
  • Monitor growth, both physically and mentally
  1. Keep a close check on baby’s diet along with insights of health, nutrition and safety needs
  2. Refer to specialists in case the child requires special care

In the first three years there might be few urgent situations when you will require immediate paediatric attention. One of the major issues that can occuris blockage of tear ducts which can later result in tearing and eye discharge. It should not be left unattended as it can turn into a severe eye infection. Fever is another common illness that should be reported to the doctor immediately without any delay. On the other hand, it is quite normal for a baby to throw up or pass loose stools post feeding, but very loose watery stools or forceful vomiting can tip the scales to different direction. If your baby shows signs of dehydration (decreased wet diapers, dry mouth, and drowsiness) then take him/her instantly to the nearest hospital. Lastly, cold and cough can also hamper your young one’s well-being making it hard for him/her to breathe properly. Though home remedies can be adopted but doctor assistance is always advisable.

Undoubtedly, a paediatrician holds prime importance in a kid’s life. As a part of their thorough training, theyare qualified to oversee the physical, emotional and social development of a child. What makes them even more reliable is their intensive training and experience, which helps them understand the pattern of a child’s emotional development better and hence they can answer your questions concerning to the baby’s healthy development. They are trained to help in determining healthy lifestyle for them to grow up devoid of stress and physical issues. You also get proper advice in order to prevent illness. Recognising and treating childhood illness in later stage of life is another quality of these doctors by anticipating children needs from birth to 18 years of age. Hence, do not forget to appoint a paediatrician for your baby with DrRiight.com so that he/she stays healthy, always!

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