Vancouver Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

If you have decided to take medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms of your ailments, the dispensary is the place you need to go.

The dispensary is the legal place that can provide you with legal cannabis; of course, you will need a medical recommendation from a doctor or a medical marijuana card for it in order to be able to purchase it legally.

As with most medical decisions though, you need to research about legal cannabis dispensaries. Here are some tips so you can find the right Vancouver dispensary for your needs.

Different types

Before choosing a Vancouver dispensary, you first need to research on the different types of legal cannabis you can purchase. There are different strains of medicinal marijuana that work on specific symptoms and ailments; the legal cannabis that works best for depression, for instance, may not work for people wanting to lessen their back pain or migraine.

Some products come in different forms — food items, drinks, even waxes — but medicinal marijuana often take the form of vaporizers, sprays, pills, balms, and edibles.

If you’re unsure which type to get, talk your doctor or a medical professional who is familiar with legal cannabis. That said, different types might work on you in different ways. Some people tend to prefer edibles, while others prefer vaporizers. It depends on preference and how your body would react to it.


When choosing a Vancouver dispensary, you need to prioritize those that are legal and safe. You need to find a dispensary that abides with safety regulations. This is, after all, to make sure that you are properly protected in all aspects of your legal cannabis usage.

What does this mean? For one, the dispensary needs to store the legal cannabis properly. It should also mean that they record information when someone buys from them.

Remember that the dispensary does not need to record your name and other personal details when you buy. However, they will have to record the type you bought, the amount you bought, and your birth date when you do purchase medical marijuana.

Of course, make sure that you have your government-issues ID and medical recommendation when you do go to a dispensary.


Where it is located — and if the location is safe — should also be a consideration as well. Make sure the dispensary is well maintained and monitored (to be sure, check if people are not using their legal cannabis in the dispensary’s parking lot).

Some dispensaries might have delivery options; this is a good option to have, but only if you have bought legal cannabis from the physical store and you already know the specific one you want to buy (it will surely be hard to buy one on the phone if you still need to ask questions about what strain is best for your symptoms).

Finally, variety is a final factor you should consider, too. There many strains of medicinal marijuana, and each one would work differently, as they have different medicinal functions. It is best to find a dispensary that has a good number of varieties for your convenience.
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