Talking about fitness, the first thing that comes to our mind is losing weight and bodybuilding. But are they the same of different? Of course, they share some similarities since both of the works involve diet, exercises and how many calories you burn a day. However, there are contrasting differences. Let’s read the article to find out two terms.

Nature of weight loss and bodybuilding

Weight loss means that you shred the weight of your body. This is the total weight of organs, bones, muscles and body fat. On the contrary, bodybuilding focuses on reducing fat and stimulating the growth of muscles. Bodybuilders hope to lower body fat and get muscular while they can still gain weight.


For those who are eager to slim down their body, you usually stay on a poor diet, eat less and cut down on carbohydrates to lower your weight. You usually remove starch or high-fat food out of your food intake to achieve weight loss goals.

But as a bodybuilder, you cannot follow the kind of diet. You need enough nutrients to maintain muscle and promote muscle growth. As usually, an ideal daily diet for a bodybuilder needs to contain about 1500 calories that mainly come from protein and healthy fats.


Practicing is not essential for people who want to lower their weight. As mentioned before, you just need to cut down food intake and cab to get down to a certain weight.

By contrast, a bodybuilding plan requires hard practice to get muscles. You even have to practice hard to the high level of intensity and repetition to get your dream body and stay disciplined with the fitness schedule.


A weight loss plan could be achieved within a short period of time. Lots of people could successfully drop 8 pounds or even 10 pounds within 2 weeks thanks to an appropriate diet.

Meanwhile, it takes months or even age of hard practice to get well-shaped. And the truth is not all bodybuilders are patient enough to achieve their goal.

Pills and supplements

You could take weight loss pills to boost your weight loss process. But if you tend to get muscular, the pills could not work out your problem. Instead, you may try muscle building supplements to stimulate the increase in muscles.

Without a doubt, both of the pills and supplements cost you an arm and a leg, but it is worth buying. Also, whether you tend to drop pounds or get well-shaped, you need to consult your doctor before buying or taking the drugs.


In conclusion, though they have something in common, a weight loss goal and bodybuilding goal have contrasting differences. Hence, you need to figure out which one you want to follow to get the best solutions for yourself.

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