What are the reviews of the British Dragon Anavar 50 mg users??

The Anavar is an anabolic steroid manufactured by different brands. The Oxandrolone is its chemical name. A synthetic steroid that is unusual in its ability to burn fat is popularly known as the British Dragon Anavar. Anavar is popularly used among the individuals because of its ability to improve performance, increase strength and is very less toxic to the liver than other steroids.

Anavar is considered to be safe than other steroids because of its mild side effects and least androgenic properties. The British Dragon Anavar is a good choice for the power lifters, who want to keep their mass constant, but want to gain weight. The review of British Dragon Anavar 50mg are such that they increase the curiosity of the individuals to use it and enjoy its benefits. The British Dragon Anavar 50 mg is so effective, such that the people are of the belief that it leads to great gains in lean muscle mass without affecting the testosterone production in the body.

Also, the effects of this steroid are not that much stronger like that of other anabolic steroids. Several researches have been conducted and it has been seen that the use of the synthetic steroids leads to inhibition of the testosterone production, whereas this steroid do not affect the production of testosterone. The British Dragon Anavar 50 mg can also be stacked with testosterone and is suggested to the male athletes. The recommended dosage is 500 mg of testosterone in a week and 50 mg of Anavar in a day.

In male athletes the dosage of 40 mg and less than that can produce satisfactory results. Anavar can lead to hair loss, if one is genetically predisposed to it. So, one can avoid the intake of Anavar, so as to get rid of this predisposed baldness. The Anavar is gaining popularity among both male and female athletes, as it stimulates the synthesis of protein and has unusual adverse reactions.

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The individuals, who want to add bulk, but does not want to go for injections, they should try one tablet of Dianabol two times in a day or half tablet of Anadrol twice with Anavar. The individuals can increase this dosage, if they want to increase the greater bulk. It has been seen that the British Dragon Anavar 50 mg is likely to produce less unwanted side effects. Anavar is a good choice for the athletes probably going through the condition of high blood pressure. This steroid is being chosen by the power lifters, as it helps in increasing strength without causing water retention.

As per the reviews of the British dragon Anavar 50 mg customers, this is a synthetic steroid meant to reduce abdominal and visceral body fat. The price of this drug is a bit high. This is because of its limited manufacturing and less availability. The dosage of 2 capsules twice in a day gets absorbed by the body of male athletes easily, if taken with a proper diet, whereas for females it is a single capsule twice in a day, so as to get good results.


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