What causes mosaic warts?

Mosaic warts are not that common in modern society but yet it needs to be discussed. Warts are basically caused by viruses; specifically, it is caused by HPV i.e. human papillomavirus. The human papilloma virus causes keratin. Keratin is a hard and stiff protein on the topmost layer of the skin which grows fast. Mosaic warts are often of the same color as of the person’s skin and hence can be differentiated from moles since moles are a majority of times dark in color only. The wart may be of different shape and size in different parts of the body and can be called by different names too, depending on which body part is located on. For example, the wart on the sole on one’s foot is known as verruca. This article would deal with some Common causes of mosaic warts.

Common causes of mosaic warts

As discussed above mosaic warts are a majority of times caused about human papilloma pathogen i.e. (HPV) (type 1). This virus grows in a humid and hot condition. Since the germs of this virus start to flourish and grow as soon as they come in contact with the moist skin. These HPV pathogens are contagious in nature. They can even be toxic if they get an access to any kind of cuts on one’s skin. Though there are more common causes of mosaic warts such as sucking fingers, biting or scratching a wart, shaving of face and legs, biting of fingernails can also cause spreading of warts around fingertips and nails. The HPV virus, which causes mosaic wart, lives in warm and wet areas and hence the patient should try and stop the area of a wart to get moist.


A wart may be understood as a small growth of skin on a person’s feet or hands. Though weird but it looks like a small cauliflower or a solid blister. The warts are of several types such as mosaic warts, verrucas, filiform warts, plane warts, common warts. Most of the warts are self-disappearing and do not require medical treatment. One precaution that every mosaic wart patient must take is that they should cover up the mosaic wart with a waterproof band aid. Various treatments for all types of warts include chemical treatment, antigen shots, photodynamic therapy, surgery, cryotherapy, duct tape, salicylic acid, cantharidin, and laser treatment.

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